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The Variety of Life Here, Between The Covers Of One Capacious Book, Is An Illustrated Summary Of All The Creatures That Have Ever Lived, A Vast Compendium Of Earth S Current And Former Inhabitants In All Their Dazzling And Infinite Diversity Colin Tudge Argues That We Are Entering A New Phase Of Biology In Which, For The First Time, Biologists Are Achieving Profound Insight Into Life S True Diversity And Developing The Tools To Keep Track Of It The Variety Of Life Heralds This New Phase The First Part Of The Book Describes Why Biologists Now Feel That There Could Have Been As Many As 4,000 Billion Species On Earth Since Life Began It Then Discusses The Need For Classification, Beginning With The Most Basic Principles The Strictly Practical Classification Of Fishmongers And Foresters, Who Speak Of Shellfish And Differentiate Hardwood From Softwood And Moves On To Explore The Intriguing Deliberations Of The Modern Transformed Cladists And The Novel Contributions Of Molecular Genetics Part II Describes The Creatures Themselves It Is Divided Into 24 Sections, Each Describing A Different Group, Illustrated By Nearly 50 Double Page Spreads Which Present Genealogical Trees That Summarize The Evolutionary Relationships Between The Creatures In Each Group Some Sections Describe Large, Comprehensive Groups Such As The Kingdoms Of The Animals Or The Plants Others Treat Similar Sub Groups In Detail, Such As The Mammals, A Class, Or The Hominids, A Family In Lively And Accessible Prose, All The Significant Groups Of Creatures Both Alive And Extinct Are Described And Their Relationships Clarified For General Readers And Serious Biologists Alike, The Variety Of Life Offers An Unprecedented Storehouse Of Knowledge Of Life On Earth.

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  • Hardcover
  • 684 pages
  • The Variety of Life
  • Colin Tudge
  • English
  • 01 September 2017
  • 0198503113

10 thoughts on “The Variety of Life

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    This is one of those books you can t read cover to cover it s made for hours upon hours of dipping into the delicious details, sampling the forms life has taken down through the aeons and the intricate branchings of Earth s 4 billion year old Tree of Life Rather than giving exhaustive studies of genera and species of organisms, the author describes the major taxa kingdoms, phyla, classes and divisions, orders, and families of Earth s countless creatures, and the ways in which they ar This is one of those books you can t read cover to cover it s made for hours upon hours of dipping into the delicious details, sampling...

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    This book sits proudly on my bookshelf I found this almost magical It really does make you apppreciate the true variety of life.

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    B Interesting and a good reference.

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    In other readings on evolution and biology I kept running into the classification methodology known as cladistics In most if not all cases, those books or online sources all assumed a knowledge of the rules and terminology of cladistics and it was difficult at times for me 64 and not a scientist to follow what was b...

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    A very thorough and complete book about taxonomy and biodiversity It covers topics such as Carl Woese s revolutionary classification system, and although it is a relatively old book, the information that it provides about taxonomy iscurrent than every other academic book that I have ever read I especially liked how 37 different kingdoms have been discussed in the book, in contrast to the 5 kingdom system that is generally thought in most universities.Please note that certain chapters o A very thorough and complete book about taxonomy and biodiversity It covers topics such...

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    Did you read the sub title A nearly incredible accomplishment A spirited reading reference book that I pick up very regularly.

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    Great book, very well laid out and a breeze to read Bought it in my first year of university and it was a handy reference book and nice to flick through

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    I never get tired of this book Hoping for a revised edition showing all we ve learned over the past decade or so It s animal centric, but considering the audience that s forgivable.

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    I have learned a lot about the diversity of life, the history of ideas around this and also the evolutionary relationships of organisms.

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