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    If you re anything like me and I suppose you probably are I mean, we re both into books, right you look at the bargain bin at your local supermarket with mistrust Questions may start to pop into your head upon glimpsing this oddest of grocery store curiosities Why are all those things in there Baby food AND cologne on the same shelf They shouldn t be that close An what s with that bag of off brand Oreos They look fine I wonder what s wrong with them But these are just passing thoughts Likely, you continue on with your shopping and don t think about it much Well, if you re anything like Fergal Bamfield, your preoccupation doesn t end there.Fergal collects a specific type of can Label less To him, the bargain bin might as well have a sign over it that says Coolest and Most Interesting Products in the Store Found Here The idea of buying bare cans appealed to his adventurous, risk taking side that had been unattended to That is, if you consider buying a tin can risky After his collection begins to grow, Mr and Mrs Bamfield begin to worry about Fergal s alarmingly all consuming hobby Maybe they re right Exhibit A The contents of a recently opened can one human finger.Talk about a conversation starter Only, Fergal doesn t really have any frie...

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    I just didn t buy what this book was selling It couldn t decide whether it was serious or quirky funny, and most of the plot twists were so contrived I either saw it coming from a mile away or didn t believe that it would ever happen It seems like lately the publishing industry puts all their energy into interesting cover images and cool ti...

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    Funny, funny, funny book The first half of this is full of hilarious depictions of a boy in England Fergal yes, that s his name is thought to be clever Primarily because of how he looks His unruly hair stuck out at all angles and could never be tamed, not even with a pot of gel And then there were his glasses, which not only enlarged his eyes, but somehow had the effect of making his very head and by implication his brain seem bigger than it really was The general rule seemed to be that he who looks like an eccentric genius must be an eccentric genius Anyway, the narrative voice is hilarious, and for some intuitive reason, Fergal decides to start collecting cans Without labels Shearer coulda just kept on with this storyline and I woulda been happy And I do appreciate the unusual setup for a mystery I felt like the story lost something when the actual plot came calling The story became much earnest, the parents stopped being fun...

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    Canned is a wonderful book about a boy named Fergal Bamfield who lives in England and collects cans Yes, unlabeled, silver cans from the bargain basket at his local supermarket His collection started with one can and ended up with fifty cans His mother got very annoyed with his hobby than once in the story Fergal finds some very gross, creepy, and weird things in the cans that he opens I won t tell you what he finds because that would ruin the story While at the supermarket with his Mum one day, Fergal saw a can in the bargain basket he wanted When he got there, another girl about his age grabbed for the can at the same time Fergal did They fought over the can in the bargain basket but soon found out that they both do the same thing Collect unlabeled, silver cans from the bargain basket They figured out that they lived only 10 or 15 minutes away from each other also Their mothers were both very happy that they could talk to someone else about the...

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    This juvenile mystery starts out on an interesting note Young Fergal Bamfield who people describe as clever has decided to collect cans as a hobby Not antique cans or cans with foreign labels rather, Fergal collects label less cans from the bargain bin at the grocery store After opening one particularly light can, Fergal discovers within an earring Several interesting, but disgusting, findings follow Fergal also discovers a friend who collects the same type of can Here the story goes awry The two piece together an outrageous mystery involving tyrannical adults, child slavery and dogfood nuff said The story becomes so implausible that it is no longer enjoyable Some who can suspend their bel...

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    Interesting concept of a boy who starts collecting cans in order to preserve his reputation as a quirky genius and then finds than he bargained for when he discovers an view spoiler earring and then a finger Eww hide spoiler

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    Fergal s mother insists he get a hobby So Fergal begins collecting cans, the kind the grocery store puts in the bargain bin because they have no labels His parents are not too pleased with this hobby, especially when he never opens them, but prefers to savor the mystery After Fergal s parents issue an ultimatum no cans until he opens some and Fergal finds a can that feels empty ...

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    Snappy, quick British read which would appeal to those who love books like Millions, by Frank Cottrell Boyce Here, Fergal is an odd sort who stumbles upon an interesting hobby collecting cans which leads to an interesting chain of events i...

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    really trilling and lots of question will pop in your mind while you are reading.

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    Nice and such a light read but it was too childish for me

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