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The Ghost And Its Shadow FORBIDDEN TO YOU, IS THE FLESH OF MAN A Child Is Taken From The Banks Of A River In The Northern Regions Of Australia Her Killer Could Be Any Of A Number Of Large Wyrms In The Area Each Of These Monsters Has Its Own Story And A Date With An Unlikely Trio, Determined To Make Them Repent For Their Transgressions Washed From The Safety Of Her Small Creek By A Flash Flood, A Small Gyrm Named Yigit Finds Herself In Dangerous Waters Where The Larger, Ferocious Wyrms Rule Unopposed Confronted By A Monster Intent On Devouring Both Her And Her Hatchling, She Is Reluctantly Saved By The Actions Of A Mysterious Wyrm With No Name As She Is Forced Deeper Into Wyrm Ridden Waters, Yigit S Only Hope Of Ever Reaching A Safe New Home For Herself And Her Hatchling, Is To Ensure Her Unwilling Guardian Is Around To Protect Them And Given His Admirable, Yet Seemingly Suicidal Mission To Locate The Most Fearsome Man Eaters In The World And Make Them Repent He S Going To Need All The Knowledge, Trickery And Occasionally Live Bait Yigit Can Provide.

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    Thrilling twist to your normal serial killer Well thought out and played Chills ensued from the prologue on.

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