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Helga’s Diary [Deník Helgy]Da Helga Weiss Begynder Sin Dagbog I 1939, Er Hun Elleve R Gammel Sammen Med Sin Mor Og Far Samt De Cirka 40.000 J Der, Der Boede I Prag P Det Tidspunkt, Oplever Hun Nazisterne Invadere Landet Og I Takt Hermed Sin Egen R Deret Indskr Nket Skolen Er Lukket Land, Faren M Ikke Arbejde, Og Familien M Kun Opholde Sig Inden For Hjemmets Fire V Gge.Da Nazisterne Begynder Deportationerne I 1941 Sendes Helga Og Hendes For Ldre Til Koncentrationslejren Terezin I 1944 Sendes Faren Videre Til Auschwitz, Og Helga Og Hendes Mor F Lger Ham Uden At Vide, Hvad Der Venter Dem Inden Afgangen Til Auschwitz Hj Lper Helgas Onkel Med At Mure Helgas Dagbog Ind I En V G Og Bevarer Den Dermed For Eftertiden Faren Bliver Dr Bt I Auschwitz, Men P Mirakul S Vis Form R Helga Og Hendes Mor At Overleve Udryddelseslejren Og Vender Til Sidst Tilbage Til Prag Her F Rdigg R Helga I En Alder Af 15 R Sine Dagbogsnotater Fra Krigens R Dsel.HELGAS DAGBOG Er Et Sl Ende Umiddelbar F Rsteh Ndsvidnesbyrd Fra Holocaust, En Ung Piges Oplevelser Af Et Af Verdenshistoriens Mest Modbydelige Kapitler.

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    The things this poor girl had to endure makes my heart hurt The conditions, the work, the environment, and most importantly the separation from her dear father Luckily, Helga was able to stay close to her mother despite the pair of them being constantly unwell, and almost dying from lack of proper food I just cannot even begin to imagine leaving friends, family, home and every sense of normality you have grown up with to be escorted from place to place in a van with terrified, screaming, unwell people, who are either deemed fit to work, or too ill to live It was thought that people with glasses posed a threat because of their intelligence and they were dispatch...

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    I learned about Helga Weiss this summer when my family and I went to Europe for the purpose of retracing my mother in law s journey from Prague to Terezin to Auschwitz Both she and Helga were among the fortunate 100 children to survive the Holocaust, and they led very different lives after the war years When we visited Terezin, we learned about the plethora of paintings and writings among the residents, including that of the children Helga had an entire wall devoted to her drawings and paintings, both sketches and color, as she followed her father s instructions Draw what you see Upon our return from Europe I learned about the publication of this diary, and couldn t wait to read it I like to think that maybe my mother in law and Helga knew each other while they were at Terezin Both were from Prague, and maybe Helga was about two or three years younger As I read the diary, I was able to visualize the setting both in Terezin and at Auschwitz Helga s original diary was secured by an uncle who spent the war years at Terezin he w...

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    Os desenhos rabiscados por uma crian a tem um poder impactante pois transmitem muito do que n o conseguem transmitir por palavras.Estas s o a prova viva das atrocidades levadas a cabo nos campos de concentra o, constituindo um crime de roubo da inf ncia Com entradas de di rio, que funcionam como amparadoras muletas, conseguem transmitir a fome e a sede pelas alimenta es prec rias n o completas, as dores pelos trabalhos rduos sem descanso compensat rio, o frio pelos abr...

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    I enjoyed this book expect for one flaw the editing There are incessant notes telling us this sentence was added later or we removed a section here , Helga actually means blank etc These notes interrupted the flow of the writing and just became annoying I un...

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    A good story of bravery and hope The style is sometimes too simple, didn t like the format of the book, it was written by a young girl later edited by the author, too many editing comments.

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    I bought this book in Prague that was recommended by a guide on a tour through Jewish Prague Helga was a young girl when the Nazi s occupated Prague Her diary as Jewish girl growing up in Prague was enlightening to me about her experiences in a concentration camp near Prague Terezin This camp even though it was very grim, dirty, with little food, was better than death camps like Auschwitz Helga was able to survive the war.Compared ...

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    This was Bookdepository s book of the week last month, and because I like reading about history, especially about the Holocaust, I thought I d give it a try Plus, it has wonderful reviews on .It is hard not to judge this book without comparing it to other similar themed books, especially the Diary of Anne Frank, and because both are written in the style of a diary However, there are differences between both, with Helga Weiss being still alive to this day, while Anne Frank had perished There is also their slight age difference as to when the diary started and ended, and that Anne was in hiding while Helga was sent to a concentration camp.The book is harrowing, of course, and at times hopeful But Helga remained so positive throughout the entire ordeal that the feel was less grimy and sad The book has gone through several edits by the author herself, so that the journal reads like a daily diary when it was not originally so I wish it had remained the way it was, although the contents would have been innocent because of the way it was written by a younger Helga before she knew what was actually happening, as when it was edited, she already had some knowledge about g...

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    Solidna knjiga Helgn dnevnik je na neki na in nastavak dnevnika Ane Frank Jo jedna u nizu knjiga koje doprinose boljem razumevanju Holokausta i zlo ina koji su se doga ali u logorima irom Evrope u periodu Drugog svetskog rata.

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    3,5 O di rio de uma jovem checa durante o per odo do Holocausto O relato de uma sobrevivente a este per odo negro da hist ria do s c XX, dividido em tr s partes a primeira durante a sua vida em Praga, depois o per odo em Terezin e por fim a sua passagem por Auschwitz Relato documentado ...

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