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Becca Becca Lang Is An Average High School Girl Who Happens To Be In Love With Her Best Friend Natasha As Becca Struggles With Whether To Tell Natasha How She Feels, The U.S Is Attacked The Weapons Used Spread A Fog Which Kills Most, And Leaves Infected Survivors As Zombie Like Monsters Who Crave Blood The Attack Spreads Quickly, Threatening The Entire Country, In A Matter Of Hours Her Father Puts Becca In Charge Of Getting Her Little Sister Bridget, Bridget S Friends, And Natasha To The Safety Of Her Uncle S Cabin In The Mountains Of Colorado She Doesn T Want To Be In Charge, But Someone Has To.

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    3.5 stars for a slightly better than average read.This story was a mixed bag, having both good and not as good elements.There are two plots going on in this book The first is a lesbian romance The second is a zombies apocalyptic survival story I give the Lesbian Romance plot the highest marks, as it is clearly followed through From the beginning pages when 17 year old Rebecca Becca comes out to her mother, her love interest Tasha, her younger sister and father all within the first couple pages, it is clear which plot will be receiving the most attention While this plot was chock full of teen angst, it is the backbone of the story The second plot was a zombies apocalypse survival theme This plot was a side story, which provided the means for the first plot to evolve I felt that this plot could have used some filling out A true Zombies Apocalypse re...

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    This book has some good ideas but ultimately things progress too quickly without debt If it were to be rewritten with some developed characters and some outlined back story it would ve been a wonderful zombie read Too bad for a good book and too good not enough cheese for it to be cult pulp.

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