✅ The Invisible Maiming Torture Enterprise of Organized Stalking Assaults PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Tomo Shibata – Chainnews.us

The Invisible Maiming Torture Enterprise of Organized Stalking Assaults Organized Stalking Assaults Signify The Systematic Stalking And Insidiously Tortuous Assaults Of One Individual By A Multitude Of Conspiring Individuals Facilitated By Today S Cyber Communication Technology And Often Centrally Coordinated By Hate Groups And Or Crime Families The Techniques Of Clandestine Organized Stalking Assaults Are Strategically Engineered To Make The Target S Experience Resemble Either The Diagnostic Description Of Persecutory Delusional Disorder Or Paranoid Schizophrenia Consequently, The Police Assume That The Target Imagines Victimization And Decide Not To Intervene, Thereby Exposing The Target To Innumerably Repeated Invisibly Maiming Assaults The Author S First Person Testimonial Narrative Of Organized Stalking Assault Victimization Attempts To Reveal The Inner Mechanism Of Organized Stalking Assaults As An Abusive Variant Of Community Policing Imbued With Sophisticatedly Calculated Manipulations Of Social Fabric By Infiltrating Into Every Sector Of Society With Which The Target Interacts Thereby Increasingly Accumulating Wide Ranging Social Capital , And Enabling Crime Family Members To Constantly And Perpetually Partake In The Prospective Punishment For Breaking The Oath Of Omerta, Organized Stalking Assaults Function As Crime Families Hidden Proactive Countermeasures To Undermine The Federal Witness Security Program Organized Stalking Assaults Enable International Criminal Organizations To Discursively Sabotage The Administration Of Justice By Clandestinely Augmenting The Sphere Of Manipulative Influence Based On Post Structural Infiltration.

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