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Chakra Breathing Techniques In Chakra Breathing Techniques You Will Learn Over A Dozen Different Methods For Breathing Into The Chakras Included In The Book Are Beginning And Advanced Techniques As Well As Material For Learning How To Percieve The Subtle Energy Of The Chakras Drawing From Diverse Yoga Practices Such As Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Kriya Yoga And Meditation The Author Weaves Together A Complete Program For Clearing And Activating The Chakras Through Systematic Breathing Techniques Starting With Simple Methods The Reader Will Learn To Perceive The Chakras As Well As Direct And Guide The Flow Of Energy Through The Chakra System This Has The Effect Of Creating Greater Mind Body Unity Through The Breath As The Teachings Develop Breathing Techniques Are Taught For Individual Chakras As Well As Methods That Help To Connect All The Chakras Also Included Are Teachings For Opening The Energy Flow In The Spine And Front Portion Of The Body, As Well As Information On Bandhas Locks And Yogic Breathing This Book Is Essential Reading For Anyone Interested In Chakras, Pranayama, Kundalini And Yogic Style Meditation.

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