[PDF] あんなアイツ こんなオレ [Anna Aitsu Konna Ore] By Shishimaru – Chainnews.us

あんなアイツ こんなオレ [Anna Aitsu Konna Ore] Naruto Dj That S Him, That S MeCircle UzuUzu CompanyPairing Sasuke X Naruto 30 Orz Sasuke Is Back At Konoha, Hurt, And Wants To See Naruto After A Dream He Had At The Hospital But Naruto Avoids Him.

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    The art may not be as skillful as some, but it conveys expressions and humor really well So much humor, I loved it.It was really fun to see Hebi going around and interacting with Konoha Only reason I didn t give it a five is becauseItachi This seems to take place before other major events and I j...

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