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15 W. Gibson 1954 Stockton, California Knowing Uncle Sam Is About To Come Knocking, Twenty One Year Old Jimmy Franks Saves The Government The Cost Of A Stamp And Preemptively Enlists In The Navy He Loads Up On Stationery And Pens, And With A Heavy Heart, Kisses His Lovely Bride Goodbye Leaving His Precious Suzy Is The Hardest Thing He S Ever Had To Do Pregnant And Left Alone To Deal With Their Feuding Families, Suzy Franks Is Heartbroken When Jimmy Ships Out For The Mariana Islands Knowing Guam Is Considered Safe And That She Will Eventually Be Able To Join Him Offers Her Little Solace Suzy S Mettle Is Put To The Test Her Husband S Letters Of Love Brings Comfort, But 15 W Gibson Is A Lonely Place Without Him.

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    This was a heartwarming love story I suspect this story has a special place in the heart of the author by the way it s written Reading the struggles this couple went through back in the day made me realize just how easy we have it these days No longer does it cost an arm and a leg to call long distance you don t ha...

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    Tear Jerker Have the tissues ready as you read this newest short from Aubree Lane She takes you into the struggles of a young married couple and the challenges they face with Jim s military career What an amazing quick read

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    Dear Author Aubree Lane,You wrote a beautiful short story One that captured my attention and brought back memories of my parents when my dad went to Germany about nine months before we did, as he was stationed there and we couldn t follow him yet My parents used to write letters back and forth, and they also used to send cassette tapes where they d talk to each other My dad would sing, and he d hear my voice on Mom s tape Those were beautiful memories, and your story helped me remember those with a smile.Love,a fan.PS I love you for writing this story It really, really touched my heart.I don t normally read a lot of short stories But Aubree s 15 W Gibson brought memories back to me and I knew by the blurb I had to read it I m glad I did The emotions are strong, the love connection is beautiful and I m not afraid to admit I shed some tears from the events of this story It s going ...

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    This is my first book that I have read of author Aubree Lane s and I was blown away by this short but powerful story I never read such a book that was formatted this way not going to say how it was laid out to prevent spoiling it , but I a...

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    Wasn t really impressed story was a little shallow little character development no real romance

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    Cute little read

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    Step back into the past for just a moment.

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    I can t believe I forgot to write my review for this book This book is well written It keeps you wanting .

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    This is a copy of a my review posted on This is simply a most wonderful, touching, and inspiring story that I am glad I read The author captures the emotions of the reader, and truthfully, caused my eyes to water No tears because I subscribe to the norm of men not crying losing this battle the I read this author and others who are members of the CLA and beyond.This story revolves around the letters of a couple who wrote back and forth when they were young, in love, and planning a future together The story recalls the days when letter writing was an art And when letters were used to converse in ways today s environment could never understand.I could say so much about this short story but I do no want to away your chance to...

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    Bree, the daughter of Jimmy and Suzy find the letters he wrote to Suzy in 1954 when he was in the Navy and stationed on Guam The daughter reads of the deep love Jimmy had for his young wife and how he missed her for the three or four months they were separated while he served his country The letters show the anguish our service men and women and ...

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