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The Current Commended By Judges Of The Prestigious Victorian Premier S Literary Awards, The Current Is The Story Of A Man S Obsession With Overcoming The Forces Of Nature At All Costs When The President Of A Sinking Tropical Island Calls On The World S Most Ingenious Entrepreneurs To Help Save His People, Peter Van Dooren Answers The Call Van Dooren S Wealth And Prestige Mean That His Family Wants For Nothing Except A Husband And A Father As An Engineer, He Believes His Idea Can Not Only Save The Island And Its People S Way Of Life It Could Also Change The Idea Of Nations And Borders After All, Changing The World Is What Van Dooren Really Wants But Playing God May Cost Him His Fortune And His Own Family While Van Dooren Plots A World Away, His Wife, Son And Daughter Sink Deeper Into Their Own Personal Abyss Of Retail Therapy, Amateur Pornography And Religious Extremism Everyone Is Adrift On The Same Tide Of Greed, Lust And Fear This Is The Current That Shapes The World It Always Has It Always Will Is Anyone Strong Enough To Resist It Ironic And Slyly, Bleakly Humorous, The Current Shows Us How Our Modern Affluence Buys Us Material Comfort At The Expense Of A Sense Of Purpose In Our Lives It Is A Hopeful Story About Finding Meaning In Our Relationships And Strength Through Our Community It Asks Us To Rekindle Our Relationship With Nature The Style Of Writing Is Literary Thoughtful But Humorous , And Will Appeal To Readers Of Jonathan Franzen Particularly Freedom And Michel Houellebecq Particularly Platform Stylistically, The Current Offers Readers A Back And Forth Split Storyline And Portent Of Danger Comparable To Paul Thomas Anderson S Film, Magnolia 1999 The Current Is International In Scope, The Subject And Themes Are Globally Topical, Encompassing Climate Change, Family Drama And Refugees.

[ Reading ] ➶ The Current  Author Yannick Thoraval – Chainnews.us
  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • The Current
  • Yannick Thoraval
  • 14 October 2018
  • 9780992591601

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    I don t know about this one I bought it used on Abebooks because it looked interesting, and the writing wasn t bad This book wasn t all that wonderful but it gets its point and themes of climate change across to readers.

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    Peter Van Dooren identifies as a businessman After growing his father s shipping company, he is considered a forerunner in the engineering and business world This prestige earns him an invitation from a president of a small island nation, L Eden Sur Mer As sea levels rise, L Eden Sur Mer is sinking and the residents of the island will soon lose their home, their cultures and their identities President Koyl invites Peter to a summit of his peers to come up with ideas to save the island Peter gladly accepts the invitation hoping to become the next great engineer of his time also leaving his home and family behind for months without him Meanwhile, Peter s wife Alma finds solace in retail therapy, his daughter Gracie becomes involved in a Christian fundamentalist group and his son Steven grows addicted to pornography and finds an online job at a sketchy business.I was drawn to this book because of the environmental aspect of the sinking island, a real issue that is affecting many island nations The issues facing L Eden Sur Mer accurately reflected many Pacific Island nations The reactions of the inhabitants of the island also seemed real when facing the loss of their home Peter s character very interesting, there was a conf...

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    The Current by Yannick Thoraval Tour ReviewFirst off I want to mention that a portion of the proceeds of The Current will go to refugees When I saw that I already had admiration for Yannic Thoraval not only as an author but as a person.While I was reading this book I was always trying to figure out what results or technical knowledge would be used to save the people of the island Yannick Thoraval helped remind me what should be important in life, and how I have allowed my life to not follow what was so important years ago Sometimes when you get so caught up in your life, you forget what was once your reasons for pushing forward.I was most impressed with the comparison between the saving of his family and the saving of the island Maintaining a balance of these can prove to be exhausting The book keeps you going with trying to figure out how the character of Pet...

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    Peter Van Dooren s family has just about everything they want, except for Peter His wife, Alma, daughter, Grace, and Son, Stephen all overcompensate for his absence in different ways, all dysfunctional Alma uses retail therapy, Stephen uses pornography, and Grace hides behind Christian fundamentalism.Yet, Peter is away for a noble cause The small country of L eden de Sur Mer is located on a small tropical Island and the Island is sinking He and other executives are invited to stay on the Island to try to come up with a way to save the Island.Set among climate change and politics, the Island is drowning and so is the Van Dooren family Can all be saved I really loved this book There are countries that are physically shrinking, being eaten up by the sea The time to act is now Our governments have to look past politics and do somet...

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    This is the type of book that makes you think about politics and how sometimes the people in power have no idea what is going on The fact that Peter was helping the poor while his family was blowing money on material possessions is really the point of the book for me There were some funny parts, and they were placed in between the sadness of the author s message I am giving this book a 4 5 I was given a copy to r...

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    Yannick Thoraval s The Current is brilliant Many authors take climate change as their theme, but few understand the complexities of a changing climate and make these accessible to the reader.But the novel is than just a book about climate change it is about the human response to ...

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    This is the most enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking book I ve read in a while I first thought it was a nice easy read, like an airplane novel, but when I tried to put it down, I couldn t And after I did put it down, I spent the next few days before being able to pick it up again contemplating what was going on in L Sur Mer and and back home and what it all meant And I still am A thoroughly Good Read that s entertaining, thought provoking and contains some beautiful quality w...

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