Free ↠ The Wolf in the Attic By Paul Kearney –

The Wolf in the Attic 1920s Oxford Home To C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien And Anna Francis, A Young Greek Refugee Looking To Escape The Grim Reality Of Her New Life The Night They Cross Paths, None Suspect The Fantastic World At Work Around Them.Anna Francis Lives In A Tall Old House With Her Father And Her Doll Penelope She Is A Refugee, A Piece Of Flotsam Washed Up In England By The Tides Of The Great War And The Chaos That Trailed In Its Wake Once Upon A Time, She Had A Mother And A Brother, And They All Lived Together In The Most Beautiful City In The World, By The Shores Of Homer S Wine Dark Sea.But That Is All Gone Now, And Only To Her Doll Does She Ever Speak Of It, Because Her Father Cannot Bear To Hear She Sits In The Shadows Of The Tall House And Watches The Rain On The Windows, Creating Worlds For Herself To Fill Out The Loneliness The House Becomes Her Own Little Kingdom, An Island Full Of Dreams And Half Forgotten Memories And Then One Winter Day, She Finds An Interloper In The Topmost, Dustiest Attic Of The House A Boy Named Luca With Yellow Eyes, Who Is As Alone In The World As She Is.That Day, She Ll Lose Everything In Her Life, And Find The Only Real Friend She May Ever Know.

Free ↠ The Wolf in the Attic  By Paul Kearney –
  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • The Wolf in the Attic
  • Paul Kearney
  • English
  • 09 April 2017
  • 9781781083628

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    Anna is a heart rendingly lonely little girl A Greek refugee in 1920 s Oxford, her memories of a warm and sunny, loving home seem almost like fantasies of a lost paradise Now, everything is cold and grey Her father has retreated into desperate, fervid political meetings with other Greek expats and the bottle Removed from public school because of bullying, Anna has just her tutor, and the doll whose friendship she knows is purely imaginary Free to wander the streets and the woods unsupervised, Anna stumbles across a terrifying scene of violence and encounters a family of strange and rustic travellers These seeming Gypsies attract her with the foreign ness they share with her one young man in particular holds a dangerous attraction , but their culture may be older and odder than she could guess Has Anna met her salvation or her doom This novel is the first I ve read from Kearney, and it will not be the last This is so, so good The language is just beautiful, and I fell in love with Anna s character her precocious love of mythology, her imagination, her independence, and her dreams Her situation is so well fleshed out that it could easily have stood on its own as a novel that was just a character study about the refu...

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    Eleven year old Anna Francis and her father are Greek refugees living in Oxford in the 1920s after being forced out of Smyrna by the Turks and rescued by a British ship Anna s mother taken by the Turks and her big brother Nikos, a soldier may be dead Anna is home schooled and keeps away from the local children who taunt her for her olive skins and dark features With her father distracted organising a Greek refugee committee and away in London a lot, Anna spends a lot of time on her own exploring the attic of her house and roaming the streets and countryside She meets interesting people including a chance meeting with the young C.S Lewis and J.R.Tolkien with whom she has a conversation about trees that can talk However, when she comes across some gypsies camping in the woods, her life changes in unexpected ways that will have profound effects on her future.This is a beautifully written b...

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    This book was an uneasy blend of historical fiction and fantasy, two very different genres I had been hoping would integrate seamlessly like in other books of its kind I ve read But the two genres didn t blend much at all in this book since the first half was mostly historical fiction and the second half was mostly fantasy based on Old World mythology and folklore of a kind which wasn t my thing The writing was beautiful, though, with much loving attention given to details in that setting, but less so when it came to developing the characters with the exception of the main one, Anna Francis Anna is eleven and lives with her father in Oxford in the late 1920 s They are Greek immigrants who barely escaped with their lives several years earlier when the city of Smyma where they had lived was captured by the Turkish forces, not everyone in their family as lucky as they were to have survived the war They came over to England on a British allied boat and set about adapting to a new way of life, each in their own way, while struggling to not forget their heritage and the ones left behind Memories are important, like the bones of the mind We build ourselves upon them, flesh and blood moulded around the pictures of what is past.But things go terribly wrong as Anna ...

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    Dead trees all around and everywhere, all of us everyone deadened inside, where everything in sight is the color of a dying leaf We are all dying, never to be in a song again So what song can we really follow all the home This haze, all the hues are golden here This warm lull, a wet breath, before the winter s song is quite heady Thick dryness in the brisk air, heavy and breathless, but not in distress, not yet anyway It is finally that time of the year again So of course, the moon is urging us to harvest something other than a smile, than a smile even So much than Her Smile But the real question is, can half a moon still find us on that road Here s the thing, it is still the moon that reminds me of all that I am All that I still am I am the music without the song I am without a Song I am in a song without one I am the brightness in the color that s not vermillion And here I am standing by the road next to the fields fresh fallow and inviting Look to your right, stalks of rye undulating so prettily Turn Left, you really should and stay on the left, you find fields of barley rippling in the night air And in the middle of all this is your favorite girl, naked and swaying, reciting John Banville in her native tongue, her accent quite ...

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    Received to review via NetgalleyThe Wolf in the Attic is a bit of an odd one I have quite a few reservations about it firstly, I m not sure about the narrative voice It took ages for me to pin down how old Anna was supposed to be, based on the words and phrases she used, and the general tone I know she s actually a refugee whose first language was Greek, but instead she comes across as slangy saying things like what rot I also wasn t sure about the inclusion of Tolkien and C.S Lewis it s a cute cameo in one way, but it also gives one of Tolkien s original ideas to a fictional character, and the inclusion of the two shook my suspension of disbelief Especially when Kearney manipulated real events to fit his story better, re the date of C.S Lewis conversion to Christianity They really aren t necessary to the plot at all, and not really to the themes.More worryingly, though, I didn t really buy in to the relationship between Anna and Luca That is, there s nothing wrong with it as a concept, but in execution I didn t see why they were drawn together It just needed a little flesh on the bones, and it probably would have worked.I m also not 100% sure about the stuff about the Romani people I know that the skinchangers witches say that they re not Romani, but have dealings with them, but it s a slim difference and at other times the book doesn t seem to make a distinction The stuff about King Arthur and the Roadmen fel...

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    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.I m unable to decide if this book was bad, or just not my kind of thing.Kearney can use words He has many beautiful turns of phrase and creates original imagery.Kearney has read, and included a great deal of mythology in this book, from Ancient Greek, to Druidic religions, to werewolves, and even the lives of two famous writers.Neither of these are bad things, and yet at the end of this book I was left with the feeling that it was nothing than a vehicle for both of them.This book is flabby with beautiful words The main character, Anna, experiences everything in detail Intense, lavish detail So much detail that reading it was quite a challenge because it took so long for anything to actually happen through all the crisp air and mysterious landscapes Anna also mulls over her situation in just as much detail I found her focus believable as a child with little else going on in her life, but it was boring The same story could have been told just as well, better even, with a quarter of the words Maybe then it wouldn t have taken me two months to slog through it.The mythology was ga...

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    While I found aspects of this story entertaining and engaging I had a number of issues with the book as well.First the things that I liked I enjoyed the story telling itself, and I enjoyed the setting I found myself vividly immersed in Anna s surroundings I also enjoyed her interactions with the other characters she met The dialogue was generally well written and engaging with only one or two exceptions which I ll get to in the negatives I like that Anna is bold, adventurous and stubborn, but realistically has no idea what she s doing I think she s a well rounded character in many ways, though I found her frustrating at times, but I find most children her age frustrating so I thought that rang true Now the things that bothered me Unfortunately, this section will seem longer because I m nitpicking and explaining my reason for disliking certain things That does not mean I found the book to be contain negatives than positives, if that were true I would be giving it two stars or fewer That saidI found the way the theme of religion, and particularly christianity, was addressed to be repetitive and unoriginal, and I it irked me that it was there at all because it wasn t developed in a way that seemed to overly relevant to the rest of the plot It seems like there might be some coherent explanation in the offing I can only assume this is the first book in a series as it is otherwise woefully lacking in plot completion but there was insuff...

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    I d heard of Paul Kearney before, but I d never read him And seeing as he is Irish I figured I really should give him a try so when I saw this in the library I picked it up And I really loved it It s a small story, in a way, the story of one girl making her way in a strange land A refugee who doesn t really remember the home she has left A girl who has lost so much and has no idea where she is going And then she meets Queenie and Luca and maybe she has found a future

    It is a wonderful blend of historical fiction with myth and fantasy But if you have read the blurb and think this is a book all about C.S Lewis and Tolkien, then think again Yes they make an appearance, but they are cameo roles not starring ones, so in a way I think they shouldn t have been mentioned at all They add colour and atmosphere, and add to the whole world Oxford at the end of the 1920s

    There s a lot to love in this book The writing is so immersive It s a joy to read The first half is all Anna, only gradually does the supernatural intrude onto her life You may even start to wonder when the story is going to really get started I loved the slow buil...

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    A Greek refugee flees with her father to Oxford in the 1920 s, where she first meets two budding authors of the magical, and then magic itself The prose alone garners five stars from me this is a beautifully written work The story is just as good historical fiction, incidentally fantasy, a touch of fable and a touch of faerie The characters of Lewis and Tolkien were respectfully crafted, and felt authentic All told, Wolf in the Attic felt like an homage to the ...

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    It s 1929 and eleven year old Anna Francis lives with her father, George in a damp, lonely old house in Oxford, England Life hasn t been great for them since they fled Greece Her mother and brother were both killed at the hands of the Turks who destroyed their city Her father is no longer the pleasant man who educated her in the Greek myths and read to her when she was small He s wasted away their money and spends his time drinking and holding meetings with other expatriates Anna s life is very lonely and sad Her doll Pie is all she has to talk to.While Anna s father is holding his meetings, Anna sneaks out of the house for adventures in the city and wood near her house Anna s adventures are just beginning First she witnesses a murder and the murderer sees her, but lets her go Anna has some very nice run ins with two not yet famous men, Jack Lewis C.S Lewis and Ronald Tollers J.R.R Tolkien She even gives Tolkien some ideas about what a tree might say and what it might sound like Fans of Tolkien will get a little chuckle One day, Anna decides to make the attic of the old home her special place Once she starts spending time there, she comes across young Luca hiding out in the attic Luca comes from a family of gypsies and getting to know him will change Ann...

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