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Burning Captivation (Elemental Witch Trials #2) Gwen Hensley, Elemental Witch, Is Ripped From The Fairytale Of Small Town Life And Her Undead, Wolf Familiar, Sebastian She Is Called To Work Undercover For A Ruling Fate, Greta, To Locate Another Missing Elder Amid The Chaos And Politics At Witch S Council The Guise Of Ambassador For The Undead Seemed A Natural Cover, But Puts Her In A Precarious Position When Her Peace And Power Captivate The Realm Master, Dmitry.The Danger Posed By Nikolay, A Vampire Uneasy With His Master Bringing A Witch Into The Inner Circle, Forces Her To Draw On Powers That Make Her Even Prized And Dangerous To Their Kind When Dmitry Marks Her As His Mistress The Subjugation Starts Her On A New, Darker Path Her Attention Is Pulled Between The Undead And Finding The Missing Elder, Which Seem Interlaced The She Finds Out Investigating Council, The She Doubts That She Can Trust Anyone, Especially Those In Power.

!!> Download ➹ Burning Captivation (Elemental Witch Trials #2)  ➾ Author Lucretia Stanhope – Chainnews.us
  • Kindle Edition
  • Burning Captivation (Elemental Witch Trials #2)
  • Lucretia Stanhope
  • English
  • 22 December 2018
  • 9781541046368

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    Rarely do I read a paranormal romance I don t like but when I m so hooked I don t even want to stop to eat or interact with the world, that s when I know I ve found an AMAZING book From page one I was drawn in deep into the world the author created, unable to tear my eyes away It s so well written, so engrossing, so interesting that I didn t want to put my kindle down.This is my second read from this series and I have to say I LOVE the author s take on vampires The re ruthless, bloodthirsty, savage creatures who react impulsively, demand respect, and feed on humans without care They are properly dark and drink blood, with a hierarchy and chain of command that proves how complicated the relationships between witches, familiars, watchers, vamps, etc truly are Fascinating take on paranormal creatures and society that builds from the first book and leaves you wanting .I have to say I just adore Gwen She s feisty and temperamental, sweet and at times vulnerable, strong and independent, and she tries to always do the right thing Her struggles to find her way in the world and resolve to remain true to herself as well as help the human race are admirable She s constantly tested in every way and it only makes her a stronger heroine So many surprises in this book but I won t spoil them Suffice it to say this is a MUST READ for fans of supernatural, paranormal, vampires, magic and witches, and romance 5 outstanding stars Characters 5 5Plot 5 5Wor...

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    I read book one in this series and while that one is really a stand alone, this book really sets the scene for the rest of the series We get deeper into witchcraft and the supernatural creatures like Sebastian We learn about Gwen s gifts and she becomes coveted by some pretty dark creatures The murder mystery aspect of the first book is still there in this one, but you also have vampire and witch politics.I do have to admit, during certain scenes, seeings what new gifts Gwen was showing, why she didn t use them to just remove herself from a situation she hated and I wasn t quite sure why the witch council was on board with the treatment she was getting as their diplomat Sometimes I was sitting there shaking my head just wanting to scream BURN BABY, BURN.Alas, that would have ruined the plot for later books and obviously Dmitri has other plans for G...

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    Don t alter human and vampire relations is good advice, but Gwen, the witch, already has a magical bond with a vampire Troubles follow fast, exciting and captivating, as if Lucretia Stanhope has grasped the thread of this series and shaken it Book one was interesting this one is a five star winner.

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    More Supernatural Shenanigans I should be Gwen the good witch by day and Gwen the henchwoman of the vampires by night Gwen having recently discovered her heritage as a witch see Blessedly Bound the first in this series and a very good read , is plunged into the supernatural world by being sent as an emissary to the vampire Lord Dimitry In fact she is not there in that role alone, her purpose is to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her predecessor Paulette but she must first submit herself to the might of the vampire lords and avoid becoming a victim of them herself.This book introduces us to the complex supernatural societies in this world, something barely touched on in the previous book It opens onto an oppressive and sexually charged world with dangerous diplomatic games being played Inevitably, dominance and power are the ends sought by most of those involved in them I am with those monsters at your behest I just want to go home and knit with normal people The writing is solid and the pace is good except sometimes sidetracked...

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    The overall impression of this book is it lacks sophistication, but that is not too much of a problem if you are targeting a YA audience More concerning is the lack of depth and development The bones of the story are there and I understand what the writer is trying to do, but I feel it falls short.The story is told in the 3rd person mainly from Gwen s perspective We discover she is a witch with valuable magical powers Dmitry is sinister, demanding and controlling and as a villain he has a significant presence He does not like to be challenged or contradicted and in this area Gwen tests his patience The nature and threat of Dmitry s enemy is obscure, it is hinted at, but only really given a name towards the end of the book In chapter 18 Mikhail smells another royal vampire on Gwen and this reinforces the idea that she is also at risk Dmitry appears to have a challenger and Gwen is his weapon of defence.The twin driver of the story is Paulette s disappearance, yet we seem to be given very few clues or suspects Gwen meets various people at Council, but the relationships seem to g...

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    In the array of realms that exist, earth resides in a tenuous position, one that could be easily overthrown by potent hostile powers The balance is governed by a council of beings from various realm origins, while power and politics come to the forefront Among the proponents of the earth is a coven of witches whose magic can command the elements So it is that a relatively young and unknown witch arrives as an envoy to the council Though assigned to investigate a missing person, she quickly becomes wrapped up in the wings of intrigue and danger Her role is much critical and holds a key to governance of the realm.Captivation is a grim and diabolical ride The forces of peace and serenity are constantly being assaulted by the might of a physically and mystically superior opponent The main character is continuously subjected to the whims of others and struggles to maintain her sanity and courage through it all Her spirit rising after each indignity and atrocity This grim depiction can be wearying, with the author offering only the briefest respites between sessions The plight of the characters are generally...

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    Gripping This is not my usual genre, but I found the story captivating I have not read the first book in the series and was delighted to find that it did not keep me from enjoying the second in the series Although this fascinating story on relationships between otherworldly creatures and humans has piqued my interest on what I may have missed in book one The main character, Gwen is filled with a vast amount of endearing qualities She is feisty, temperamental, independent, courageous, and warm as she struggles to do the right thing in the new world she has been sent to She is regula...

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    Gwen s journey takes a turn into the darkness in this second installment in the Elemental Witch Trials series As an envoy between the vampires and the humans, Gwen is on a mission to search out who is responsible for witch Paulette s death Her journey takes her deeper into the world of vampires, sending her on such a dangerous trail that she must question the motives of everyone around her Despite it all, she learns that vampires aren t the o...

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    Burning Captivation is the extraordinary fantasy tale in which Gwen, a young witch is to be the future bride of vampire master, Dmitry The story is told from two main perspectives, that of Gwen, and Dmitry himself Moving away from the belief that vampires are unfeeling creatures, unable to feel the true depth of compassion, Dmitry s character although an adept at hiding his emotions from Gwen practically oozes it From the beginning, I could see how much he cared for Gwen in his own way, his sarcastic and somewhat cocky attitude making him a rather intriguing and likable character.Gwen, a sassy and at times headstrong individual copes well with all the dramatic twists and turns that come her way Gwen shows true courage, what with having been thrust into a different realm where she is to one day be used as a weapon She remains calm as calm as any of us could be in such a terrifying situation and assesses whatever is happening around her at the time, to assist her husband to be in any way possible.As we watch Gwen take on the quest to find a missing witch, Pauline, we see the actual strain she is being put under from her new life Being separated from a true love Sebastian would drive anyone insane, but Gwen ensures that she remains calm and composed, to best protect her ne...

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    I really enjoyed this well written story about the realms of vampires and witches.Gwen, an elemental witch, is tasked with solving the disappearance of another witch but is thrust into far .I liked the world building, which gave the story depth a...

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