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225 Years of Service:The U.S. Army, 1775-2000Included On The Chief Of Staff Of The Army S Recommended Reading List, This Concise Account By David W Hogan, Jr., Of The United States Army S Center Of Military History Gives A Brief Overview Of How The Army Has Served The Nation Since The Formation Of George Washington S Continental Army On 14 June 1775, Covering Not Only The Army S Distinguished Performance In America S Major Conflicts But Also Its Conduct Of Several Other Military And Non Military Missions Throughout American History During The Nation S Early Years, The Army Contributed Greatly To National Development Through Exploration, Relations With Native Americans, Road And Building Construction, And The Assertion Of National Authority As The Nation Became A Complex Industrial Society And A Superpower In The Late Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries, The Army S List Of Missions Expanded To Include Expeditions To Foreign Lands, Military Government Of Colonial And Occupied Territories, Scientific And Medical Research And Development, Flood Control And Disaster Relief, The Assimilation Of Different Ethnic And Racial Groups, Greater Opportunities For Women, And Aid To Disadvantaged Elements Of Society At Each Stage Of The Growth Of The Republic, It Shows The Broader Context In Which The Army Operated And The Demands That The Nation Placed On Its Military It Describes How The Army S Conduct Of America S Wars Helped To Achieve National Objectives At The Same Time, It Makes Clear That The Performance Of Non Military Missions Is By No Means A New Phenomenon For The Army But Rather A Role That Has Been With The Service Since The Revolutionary War And Even Before That War, If One Includes The Tasks Of Colonial Militias Throughout Its History, The Army Has Also Deferred To Civilian Authority, A Distinct Achievement In A World Beset By Coups And The Threat Of Military Rule An Addendum By The Chief Of Military History Relates The Army S History To Its Current Transformation Into A Force Capable Of Meeting The Challenges Of The Twenty First Century.

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