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Pocahontas: My Own StoryIn The Early Seventeenth Century, Captain John Smith Led A Company Of English Settlers To Found The Colony Of Jamestown In Virginia Here Is Smith S Own Account Of His Adventures There And His Relationship With The Beautiful Indian Princess, Pocahontas Pocahontas Was The Daughter Of Powhatan, The Powerful Chief Of About Thirty Tribes Of Indians Living In Virginia When Captain John Smith Was Captured By These Indians In 1607, He Was Brought Before Powhatan, Who Sentenced Him To Death Sixteen Year Old Pocahontas Convinced Her Father To Spare Captain Smith S Life, Thus Becoming A Friend Of The Settlers And Eventually Influencing Her Father To Be Friendly, Too Years Later, She Saved The Lives Of The Entire Colony By Secretly Warning Captain Smith Of Another Intended Attack.

!!> PDF ✮ Pocahontas: My Own Story ❤ Author John  Smith – Chainnews.us
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  • Pocahontas: My Own Story
  • John Smith
  • English
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9781400107988

10 thoughts on “Pocahontas: My Own Story

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    Very little of this narrative was by John Smith and very little of it was about Pocahontas This is definitely among the dry pieces of colonial literature out there except for the few sentences covering cannibalism.

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    My problem with this narrative is that it should be titled John Smith My Own Story Still a fascinating look into agendized history.

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    Interesting for its historical value which has an obvious agenda , though very little is about Pocahontas And John Smith obviously has a colonialist mentality and slant So it should be read with that understanding and context.

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    I loved it The title is misleadingcompletely Pocahontas is certainly in the book, but it is in no way about her That said, it is a fascinating first hand account of life in the early Jamestowne colony Detailed descriptions of flora fauna, written to those who have no frame of reference for the animals, plants,...

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    Despite the title of this book, it is a log of Capt Smith s explorations in America It details geography, fauna and flora but dwells mostly on Smith s efforts to procure food supplies, construct shelter in the developing Jamestown and negotiate with ...

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    The title is a bit misleading because it implies that this is Pocantas own story, however the story is told by John Smith, albeit in a third person manner Good contemporary descriptions of Jamestown and the area and the life of the native tribes.

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    Less from John Smith about his encounters with Pocahontas and hear say from a bunch of other racist white dudes during a period of colonization.

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    This book was written by Captain John Smith and originally published in 1624yes, that s right, 1624 I has a narrative description of what the early settlement areas were like along the east coast of present day America From details about the flora and fauna to descriptions of the various native tribes were like and how they were dealt with It also documents the interactions between the English settlers and the Indians as sometimes violent and sometimes friendly The incident involving Pocahontas interceding with her father who had condemned ...

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    The sections seemed disjointed, but it is pretty amazing to read the first person account of John Smith s interactions with the Powhatan people 300 years ago I m pretty sure that most people aren t aware that Pocah...

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