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!!> Download ➺ Red, Green, or Murder ✤ Author Steven F. Havill – Chainnews.us
  • Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • Red, Green, or Murder
  • Steven F. Havill
  • English
  • 22 June 2018
  • 9781590588239

10 thoughts on “Red, Green, or Murder

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    It s a crime that I got this book for free The author should be paid handsomely for this effort with every sale If you like police procedurals, and mysteries in general, this is an outstanding novel for you to read While some mystery readers might like a faster paced story with harder punches, this one moseys along just right for the pace of life in Posadas County, New Mexico until the squeeze is put on the bad guys There are so many pretenders out there with five star ratings that the truly deserving books get lost like a voice of reason in a crowd This novel is right at the top of the heap and needs to be read.Steven F Havill has written a thinking person s mystery that makes you follow along as former Posadas County Sheriff Bill Gaster gets roped and hog tide but without too much cajoling into two investigations that really challenge his and undersheriff Estelle Reyes Guzman s powers of observations The clues are so minute in the murder case that only McCloud might have been up to the task aside from these two to follow their common sense when things just don t add up Some of the excruciating details might ...

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    I just love Bill GastnerThis series actually extends over the careers of two law officers who hold a position called Undersheriff in the fictional Posadas County, New Mexico An undersheriff is the person right below the elected position of Sheriff and is appointed by the Sheriff Generally, the Undersheriff would be the expert in the law that is there to advise the elected Sheriff The first half of the series covers Undersheriff Bill Gastner, an experienced law officer Bill would laugh at that at just say that he is old Bill is sort of grumpy, a little creeky in the knees, moves slowly but makes up for it with a lot of experience and really knowing the people of Posadas County, New Mexico He is especially good at thinking while eating very spicy burritos at all hours of the day or night.The second half of the series covers the career of Undersheriff Estelle Guzman She is quite talented and, for me, simply not as interesting as Bill She is admirable and I would hire her to be my Undersheriff because she really knows what she is doing butshe is really boring.Unfortunately, this book is Bill Gastner s last hurrah as a main character In this story Bill is no longer the Undersheriff Instead, he is a state livestock inspector But, he still gets caught up in the events of the book In it, everything that makes you love Bill is on display his knowledge and connections, his bravery ...

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    If you have ever been in New Mexico, you are familiar with the eternal question, Red or Green.In this case, it s the green that s the killer.Former Posadas County sheriff Bill Gastner is supposedly retired but finds himself up to his Livestock Inspector badge in solving the murder of his good friend.This book will resonate with everyone familiar with small town practices, rural living or New Mexico It ...

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    This series is so fun, and I enjoy listening to it on audiobook while working out, cooking, or doing chores However, I have a severe reservation about the series, which distracts me every time I read one of these books each time Bill goes to his favorite restaurant for a green chili burrito, I get the urge to eat Mexican food T...

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    June 2019 While currently reading, I ve felt compelled to comment on this book Having just turned 73, I am of a similar age to Gastner and to the retired gun dealer I see many of my friends in the personality of the retired gun dealer I don t remember other police procedurals and mysteries addressing the aging process, medical complications and death of friends in such a poignant manner.Just fini...

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    Good BookExcellent story as usual from this author This one seems out of sequence since Leona isn t county administrator and little Francis isn t playing the piano Also the pharmacist was arrested in another story,

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    Three and a half stars to be discussed in Feb.

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    A great read Should be read after Bag Limit, 9 in the Bill Gastner group Red, Green, or Murder is really 10 in Gastner so then 7 in the Posadas County group.

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    Great Read

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    The characters were interesting It was a fairly easy read, but I m not intrigued enough to want to read the rest of the series

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